Friday, December 8, 2006

Where to begin?

I am starting this blog, I guess as a record and a way to think out everything...

Here's a little about me.

I'm 35. I have a two year old son and want another child. I've been off BC since October of last year and we've been trying since last January, REALLY trying since May. You know: charting, OPK's, timing, accupuncture ...all that. And yet, nothing.

It took us 7m to get pregnant with The Boo. I knew it may be difficult then. My mom took DES when she was pregnant with me. My doctor says I'm one of the few of childbearing age that are still affected. Lucky me.

When I was PG with The Boo, I developed Vasa Previa. By a miracle and a very smart U/S tech, we caught it. He was born 9 weeks early, but is a healthy, happy, SMART little boy!

We'd like him to know the joy of having a sibling. We're trying.....but .....

Anyway, that's my story so far. More later.

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