Friday, February 29, 2008


Ahh...I'm distracted apparently!

N: Mrs. Smithson, you look different today
Various other kids chime in: Yeah, you do!
Me: Different how?
N: I don't know
Me: well, different bad or good?
N: Good I think...
Me: Well, I didn't put a clip in my hair today
N: No, that's not it. Did you get new glasses?
Me: No....OHHHH...(as I feel my face) Umm..sorry kids, I forgot to put makeup on today.
Kids: OHHHH...THAT'S why you look so young.

Miss Debbie told me that Grant gave her a sticker yesterday...LOL! Apparently he watched her do a chore and thought she did well.

So he was telling Daddy about it last night:

J: Grant, what did Miss Debbie do today?
G: Oh, she did a good job dad!
J: What did she do?
G: She took the bulb and screwed it really good!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Let me count the ways

I completely understand that I shouldn't be counting symptoms but I seem not to be able to help myself....

  1. My boobs are big and sore.
  2. My fat jeans are snug.
  3. I'm crampy.
  4. My stomach looks like I'm about 12 weeks. (insert embarassed face)
  5. My students have already asked me if I am.

Now, to make it fair...

  1. I've gained about 10 lbs since September.
  2. ditto
  3. ehh...not sure there is a good reason for this.
  4. see number 1
  5. see number 1

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just a little something

to distract me from the 2WW....

Please ignore the watermark.....

Sigh...this is why I want another, wouldn't you?

Back to school today

I'm a little crampy but I am looking at that as Hickory, Dickory and Dock getting comfy.

DH is a whiz with the PIO shots! I didn't even FEEL the one last night!

You'd think that after 4 days of being low key that I'd be ready for my class tonight, but no...the master procrastinator that I am....I'm just not.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm home

and laying on the couch...

I got the *full bladder of the day* award...LMAO

I have pics of the embies...

One 4 cell grade 0.5
One 6 cell grade 0.0 (PERFECT GRADE!)
One 8 cell 1.5

The transfer was painless and went smoothly. My fav nurse was there and made me laugh.

Let me tell you, all OB's should have the tables they have there, I've never been so comfy with my legs in the air.

I got to watch on the ultrasound as they put them in. The doc says "I like this placement, here we go" and you could see them go in...SO COOL!

Thanks for all the wonderful thoughts, keep them coming for about 12 days or so will ya?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Three cheers please!!

We have

One little, two little, THREE little EMBRYOS!!

Just got the report! YAY!! YAY!! YAY!!

Transfer is thursday...I cannot wait!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Quick update

Six eggs appeared to have survived the thaw but when they injected the sperm only 4 responded like they wanted. We'll have the fertilization report tomorrow.

Any good thoughts would be appreciated!

Six Eggs, Six survived the thaw!

Now on to fertilization!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Open Letters

Dear Frozen Eggies,
Oh my honeys! I know it's frosty in that there freezer! Be good little eggies and thaw nicely next monday will you? Don't give up now dears! Warm up be okay please? Then you can meet Daddy's swimmers and get to grow! If you really really try, you can grow up to be big kids! We are getting a nice fluffy place all ready for you to snuggle in for the next 9 months too! I can't wait to meet you!
Lots of love and kisses!
Your Mommy

Dear HooHaa,
I know that you are a little angry at the fact that you have to have little blue pills shoved up you every 8 hours. I get that and I'm none to happy about it either. Frankly, the mess grosses me out too. But do you think you could quit rebelling? It's pretty important that you clear up and get with the program! Oh, and make sure that none of those embryos "fall out" will ya? Just kidding, clearing up will be fine! We just want a nice fluffy place for the embies to grow in, work with me here!
Linda, who would like very badly to be able to go through with this cycle

Monday, February 11, 2008

Messy stuff

I started Estrace 3x a day orally and 3x a day vaginally on thursday. So now I have a lovely blue discharge which seems to be turning into a yeast infection. I called the study coordinator. She originally said to just get some OTC stuff....but yeah, that won't work since I'm shoving Est.race up my hooha 3x a day. So she's calling in a Rx of Diflucan to clear it up.

In addition, I'm battling a cold, a nasty one.

Let's cross our fingers and hope shall we? If this doesn't clear it up, then we have to cancel this cycle, wait until next month and switch to injectible estrogen.

I really would prefer not to be in that mess.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Friday, February 8, 2008


I was filling out paperwork for my leave for the transfer.

Our secretary and I had an interesting conversation:

Hey, are you doing that artificial stuff?

Yes, we are...

My sister did that. It took a long time. I guess if your period starts you have to start all over, right?

Yes, we are doing a clinical trial so it's been put off a few times.

Yeah, it took my sister 8 months. Her husband had no sperm so they told her that this was it. You know what happened to her? She has 8 frozen, I guess that they put them all together....ya know?

You mean embryos, yes.

Yeah, well they asked her how many she wanted to put in. I guess if you only put one in, it can fall out and you have to start all over. So she put two in and now she's going to have twins! Can you imagine?

Yes, the decisions are hard to make.

And it costs so much! I mean if you have to start over, they charge you all over again. They don't have insurance coverage either.

Yes, it's expensive too.

Well, she is 31 and hasn't had any yet, I mean you have one already so it's not like you are desperate.

Well...yeah I guess we are lucky like that...

(OH MY GOD! Can I tell you how much I wanted to VANISH during this conversation????) I can't even comment on this yet. GRRRRR

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Our clinic currently has a woman who is 12 weeks pregnant through the study.

There is hope!

Monday, February 4, 2008

In Memory

The good news...AF showed exactly when she should.

The bad news...the research coordinator misread the new protocol and cannot add the extra week of estrogen to the protocol. This wasn't that big a deal until she got an email on Friday that said "the thaw kits expire on the 15th and the new ones won't be available from the company until the 26th" !!! The adjustment to my calendar schedules the thaw for the 16th. Not good timing obviously.

I'm waiting on a call back from her to see where we go from here.

Cross your fingers? Hope that we aren't put on hold again.

I was really looking forward to the transfer being on 29th, I mean Leap Day how cool would that have been?

I just got an email from the coordinator. They got an extension on the kits as the future kits will all be good for 6 months. So...
new transfer date is Feb 21st!