Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I got a letter last week saying that I was not accepted into the Librarian Grant program.

I'm more upset about it than I had thought I would be. I really thought my application would be accepted. The letter said that they needed to look at the distribution of where the teachers will be so that the whole state gets even coverage.

I'm considering asking to join in the cohort and pay for the classes. Mr and I have to sit down and look at financials in order to do that. I would apply for loans, but it's a pretty penny. Yes, I'll get a raise with the degree, so it may even out in the end.

I've never really been rejected like that before. It is a jolt to be told "thanks but no thanks."

Blah. My mood matches the weather now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Do you ever feel like you just can't keep up?

Lately this is all my life is about, trying to keep up.

So far this week, I have conferences at MY school, meetings downtown (one all day yesterday, one tonight), a city council meeting, a chiro appointment.

Tomorrow I have school all day, conferences as Boo's school and then after that I need to present at the Mother of Twins club for the March of Dimes.

Friday I have KDG round up and then I'm taking the rest of the day off...WHEW.

I'm not looking forward to the conference tomorrow. Boo's been kicked out of circle time or not done his work most of last week and this week. His teacher is back from maternity leave and it's not going well. He is now coming home and telling me how he is "not making good choices" every day. He tells me that school is "too much work." I'm frustrated.

My DCP tells me how wonderful he is there. He follows directions and makes great choices. He doesn't misbehave.

School is another issue altogether though. He doesn't want to do his work. He complains that it is "too much work." I'm torn.

As a teacher, I know the importance of following directions and doing what the teacher asks of you. But I also know that he's the youngest and he does NOT like to sit to write. He's very bright (even according to his teacher) He's complaining about going to school. One of my biggest fears is that he hates school. I DO NOT WANT that for him!! I'm so worried that this first experience with school is not good. Mr even got called at work about him last week. He shouted out "this is boring" during circle and flag time. He dumped his milk upside down at snack time and then wouldn't glue his puppet together.

We have been taking away "Speed Racer" (oh the horror for Boo!) and not letting him watch television if he gets a bad report, but at the same time, is it THAT important that he glue a page? Should it be THAT bad if he doesn't color his paper or write his "s"'s? Sigh....I don't know how much I should push about this. I'm considering suggesting another teacher/class...but as a teacher myself, I don't want to be THAT parent either.

How would you deal with this? How do you balance what you think is right vs. what the school is telling you?