Wednesday, February 28, 2007


After Boo was born, I pumped. I pumped because it made me feel like I could do something. My boobs might not look like much, but they are small and mighty.

When I returned to school, I made arrangements to pump. The only semi-private place to pump here is the teacher's bathroom. Imagine a smallish room with a frosted glass door. Inside is an old couch covered in headache orange pleather. (I'm not sure it's pleather though, pleather would be too new for this) There is a small sink, a set of shelves on the wall and a wooden stall around the toilet. The door opens towards the couch. There is a lock on the door, I wanted a lock for privacy...little did I know.

Every day during my prep period, I'd head down to pump. I'd lock the door and set out my pump. Then I'd whip out the girls and go to town. By this time, I'd been exclusively pumping for 4 or so months. I could get 12oz of milk in 10 minutes. (efficient aren't I?)

One day, I was pumping and there was a knock on the door. I ignored it at first. They knocked again. I said "it's busy" which SHOULD mean, Hello, the door is locked, go away.

The knocking stopped and I thought nothing of it. There are several other restrooms to use, this is a school. A few minutes later, I hear a KEY IN THE LOCK! I frantically pull down my shirt over the horns, as when that door opens there will be a clear view of the girls to anyone walking by! !!!! She had gone down to get her master key and come right in!! WTF??

To top it off, as she comes in, she asks how Boo is doing, walks into the stall and tells me how I am obviously a great mom as I'm pumping and taking BM home to him. Thanks dear, compliments while you are peeing make even more of an impact!!

From then on, I changed my strategy. There is a laundry room on 3rd floor of the cooking room. No lock, but I'd put the chair against the door so no one could get in. My students never asked what I was doing every day when I'd walk in, pump, put the milk in the freezer, rinse out the bottles/horns and leave. They were busy watching movies unrelated to cooking (a whole other story)

I EP'd for 10 almost 11 months. Boo had milk to last him until he was 14 months.

A few random thoughts on pumping:
  • Make sure you have all your parts.
  • Never ever wear a one piece dress while pumping. Whipping them out ain't easy then and your booty gets cold!
  • People make the oddest comments. The mailman made a comment to me about my milk one day as he saw me put it in the freezer!
  • Find something to do while pumping. I never knit as much as when I pumped!


DD said...

You should have squirted her in the eye with breastmilk.

littleangelkisses said...

LMAO! It's a famous story now here, I get asked about it by all new mom's thinking about pumping!

Adrienne said...

Now that's funny! I think you should have waved hello with one of the girls.