Monday, April 23, 2007

So you really want to know what's up with me huh?

It's been a while, I've been laying low.

IUI #2 was a bust. AF showed last monday. I called the nurse at the RE's office and she graciously reminded me that if this third and final IUI doesn't work, then we will be taking a mandatory cycle off and coming in to talk with our RE about what to do next. He already said that he suggests doing 3 IUI's with Clomid and then going straight to IVF. I'm not sure why, but it just depressed me to be reminded of it.

So Mr and I talked. We talked a LOT. He wants to do IVF if that's what it takes. We have a 15,000 cap on our insurance, so we decided to go for it if that's what the RE suggests again.

I can't imagine that he'd say something else. I called back on Tuesday to ask about day 3 bloodwork. The nurse explained (in a long explanation) that I don't need it. My day 21 progesterone shows that I'm ovulating and responding to Clomid. I don't need any other testing (she says.) I'm not completely convinced, but oh well.

I talked to my mother about this all. She's been sick and I had called to check on her. A little backstory here...

Last summer, they took Boo for the weekend so Mr and I could go to Chicago. He had a bit of a cold at the time, but nothing bad. Well, my 73 yr old mother caught pneumonia from him. She ended up in the hospital, in the ICU for 12 days! She's not really ever gotten her strength back. She got another cold that almost became pneumonia again a few months ago. The cough from it has never gone away. She's been up to the Mayo Clinic twice now to see a lung specialist. The cannot figure out what is causing it. They've run test after test. There are times she can barely breathe from the coughing and it's just wearing her out. She goes up again monday to see a different specialist. They will probably run more tests, they've ruled out lungs and nasal cavities, so they'll likely run tests on her esophagus and possibly do a lung biopsy just in case.

Anyway...I had called for an update and she asked how things were going with TTC. She tries to keep up with it as best she can. She was asking about what was going on and I was telling her that we think we'll do IVF if this IUI doesn't work. Now, my mother is Catholic and I was a little leery of telling her about it, but I did. She didn't realize that it's against the church's teachings and she even went so far as to tell me "I think that God wouldn't mind. He would want you to have another child. He understands. You aren't being selfish. You want another child so that Grant has another person in the world to connect with." My mom. She can say the right thing just when I need to hear it.

Saturday I volunteered at a Baby Expo for the March of Dimes booth. I guess I didn't realize that every pregnant woman within a 50 mile radius would be there. I know, I know...DUH Linda! It's a BABY EXPO for God's sake, what did you expect!?!

I'll tell you what I didn't expect. I didn't expect a 9th grade student to recognize me and hand me her 2 month old daughter to hold! I just didn't expect that. How does that happen? How do babies have babies so easily? She's smart too, such a smart girl. Attitude galore, but smart. UGH and WAHH and SIGH.

Okay, I think we're all caught up now...questions anyone??


Adrienne said...

Crap - sorry to hear about AF rearing her ugly head. And I am so with you on the IVF talk - it just depresses me right now, even though I know it gives me my best shot. I can't go there yet, though.

I've got my fingers-crossed for you that IUI#3 does the trick and you don't need to go down that path.

And your mom is wonderful. I hope she feels better soon.

DD said...

I absolutely agree with your plan. Your mother truly understands the "means to an end" and how lucky you are to have that in her.

Even the phrase "Baby Expo" has me cringing. Yuck.

Paper Whore said...

This is my first time visiting your site, but based on this post alone, it sounds like you need a second opinion. Every cycle should be monitored because every cycle is different. Just because you responded well last time doesn't mean you'll respond well every time.

And why isn't your doctor interested in pursuing injectibles before going to IVF? It seems like that would save you some money and increase your chances.

Either way, I'm wishing you the best on your next cycle and hoping you don't even have to make that call.