Monday, April 30, 2007

The Whole Truth

I haven't been as forthcoming as I should have been regarding my IUI on Saturday. I neglected to tell the WHOLE truth about the ordeal that led up to it.

Our clinic uses OPK results for Clomid/IUI cycles. I was to start with OPK's on Friday, day 12 of my cycle. Last month, I O'd on day 18, the month before that, day 15. Well, of course friday the line turned up dark. Pretty dark...on one side...fading to light on the other.

I showed it to friend (eww...can't believe I did that), I called Mr and asked him. I finally called the nurse at the RE's office. Their office closes at 12:30 on fridays and I needed to ask. So yes, I am the stupid girl who can't read a pee stick! She told me that we'd treat it as "ambiguous" and to retest with FMU. We scheduled the IUI for Saturday at 9am~tentatively. If the line was the same or lighter we'd go ahead. If it was darker, we'd wait until Sunday.

Now, that part of me that freaks out when I don't have a firm plan kicked in. Walk America was Saturday at NINE! OMG! We have raised students brought in over 200.00 for this! We have planned for this for a long while. I have volunteered to set up! OMG!

What if it's sunday?? Mr's first BMX race of the season is Sunday! OMG! Who will watch Boo? OMG! ACK! This isn't supposed to happen until Monday at the earliest. I can take a 1/2 day much easier than deal with all of the schedule changing over the weekend.

Come Saturday morning, the line was lighter...a teeny tiny bit...but lighter! I got up at 6, got to the park at 7, helped with set up until 8, went and got Boo, dropped him off at our friend's house, went back to our house, sat paitiently and quietly so as not to distract Mr while he was collecting the sample, went to the office, dropped sample off, finally got breakfast, went and had implantation, picked up Boo from our friends, went back to the park in time for the final walkers to come in, played, socialized and helped clean up, and then went home and took a NAP!

SIGH...another exciting day in the Angelkisses family!

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Adrienne said...

Fingers crossed for you, my friend!