Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Injection one done!

With no blood shed, no fainting and no tears.

I know many people do this every day, why then was it scary for me?

I made Mr. go away. Part of me wanted him there but a larger part knew that I'd be all nervous if he was. It must be the control freak in me huh? I have to be in control of what I'm doing at all times.

This is why IF is so hard. I'm not in control in any way.

On another note, Boo stayed in bed without getting up for anything last night. Lately he's been getting up many times before he finally stays in. Last night though, he not only stayed in bed the first time but also woke up DRY!

Being the "smart" mom I am, I repeated the exact same routine tonight.

The result? He was up 5 times before he stayed in.

ahhhh....kids are so predictable

UPDATE: Boo woke up completely dry in UNDERS this morning! Although he was out of bed several times before falling asleep, he stayed DRY in BIG BOY UNDERS! WOOOOOO


DD said...

That's better than I did. I cried (a lot!) with that first injection and finally Mr. DD had to come in and do it form me, even though it was with the follistim pen.

I still get terribly nervous.

nancy said...

Woohoo on the unders!!! How exciting. I'm just starting my potty training adventures with my youngest. Oy vey.

Good luck on the rest of your injects!

The Town Criers said...

Congratulations to Boo!

I'm terrible with injections. I hate them. And it doesn't matter how many I do--they never get "easier" emotionally. Just more streamlined in terms of action. I don't care if other people give themselves 12 shots a day every day their whole life. Injections are hard for me. The fact that it's not hard for them or they have it worse isn't a comfort!

Hang in there, sweetie.

forgetfulone said...

I've been the injection routine, and it's not funners~! I have just found your page through a search on "parenting" so I'm sure I'll be back.