Thursday, August 16, 2007

Prepare for take off!

My baseline U/S appointment is next wednesday.

Which happens to be the day before school starts. I guess I'll have to work my behind off to get everything ready to go Wed before noon! We don't do a lot the first day anyway so I'm not horribly worried. I will have to go tomorrow in the stiffling heat to begin organizing though.

I'll be on BCP's until 8/31 or 9/1. Then I'll start Lupron and stims.

Egg retrieval will be September 14-16th, right between Boo's birthday (the 12th) and mine (the 19th)

Should be an interesting start to the year, but it's very very exciting!

Tell me if I'm nuts though. I'm making Mr. go with me Wednesday to learn about the injections. He's given himself intermuscular injections before (yep, he used to be a meathead and did a round of steriods years ago) BUT I'm making him go. I need to know that I know that HE knows how to give them. (did you follow that?)

He's okay with going, but I can tell he'd rather not. It's my ass though and I feel more comfortable with him GOING!

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Karen said...

You aren't even a little bit nuts for wanting him to go. It's totally different having to give someone else an injection. Plus, it's YOUR ass!

Good luck with the baseline U/S! (And thanks for stopping by my blog today)