Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We interrupt this post to gripe about things...

specific things actually.

I would like to gripe about the fact that my classroom was 90 degrees today.

We are not allowed to prop our doors open for circulation as it supposedly violates a fire code somewhere.

We recieved an email explaining it from downtown. It included these choice bits...

  • Do not prop doors open with wedges- either on the floor or between the hinges- all classroom doors are to be kept closed to prevent the spread of fire.
  • Even on hot days doors should not be propped open- since we now “lock down” our buildings outside air comes in through the classroom windows and through the hvac system- we are not circulating air in the hallways. When you open the doors your fresh air is leaving the room and going into the hallway. Keeping your doors closed will keep the air moving in the room. We encourage the use of fans as well.

My doorstop was taken on friday because I had propped the door open before school to let the cool air in and forgot to close it once school started. I even got a choice smirk from our principal. (let's not go there) So today afterschool I found fire doors with doorstops holding them open and took one! OHHHHH I'm in TROUBLE!

As for the HVAC....that's a load of crap! It's at least 10 degrees cooler in the hallway! God forbid we let that COOL AIR into our rooms!

BLECH....Seventh graders plus 90+ degrees equals LOTS 'O STINK!


In other news, I made record time this morning, averaging several miles (cough cough) about the speed limit. Estradiol is 16, I start stims tomorrow!

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