Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ahhh Thursday

I got our tentative schedule for the transfer the other day. I'll get to pick up our meds tomorrow. They were delivered to school and I had to unexpectedly miss a day. (our daycare had a case of pneumonia and so no kids there today)

I'm glad to have something else to concentrate on rather than the drama at school and the insurance crap.

The drama at school is ridiculuous crap, power struggles really. It's draining frankly...and stupid. I'm not even sure how I ended up in the middle of it all. I merely answered someone's question about a meeting change and suddenly was backed into my classroom door with someone's finger in my face. Of course I said a few things I shouldn't have...fight or flight if you will. UGH. I'm glad to be home today!

Speaking of insurance....a bit of an update. I've filed a complaint with the IID and have also sent a letter to the insurance company. The people who are responsible for managing the benefit package at Mr's company actually wrote a draft of the letter for us. I think it's their way of helping. It's also a way to CYA because THEY didn't inform us until 2 weeks before the benefit change. The CEO of the company has been told about our situation too and told Mr's boss that he thinks we should be "grandfathered" in.

We'll see.

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