Friday, February 8, 2008


I was filling out paperwork for my leave for the transfer.

Our secretary and I had an interesting conversation:

Hey, are you doing that artificial stuff?

Yes, we are...

My sister did that. It took a long time. I guess if your period starts you have to start all over, right?

Yes, we are doing a clinical trial so it's been put off a few times.

Yeah, it took my sister 8 months. Her husband had no sperm so they told her that this was it. You know what happened to her? She has 8 frozen, I guess that they put them all together....ya know?

You mean embryos, yes.

Yeah, well they asked her how many she wanted to put in. I guess if you only put one in, it can fall out and you have to start all over. So she put two in and now she's going to have twins! Can you imagine?

Yes, the decisions are hard to make.

And it costs so much! I mean if you have to start over, they charge you all over again. They don't have insurance coverage either.

Yes, it's expensive too.

Well, she is 31 and hasn't had any yet, I mean you have one already so it's not like you are desperate.

Well...yeah I guess we are lucky like that...

(OH MY GOD! Can I tell you how much I wanted to VANISH during this conversation????) I can't even comment on this yet. GRRRRR


DD said...

They will fall out??!! Good lord, what kind of uterus slash cervix does that woman have? Wait. I don't want to know...

...because I'm not desperate...

That is so awful, it's actually kind of funny. It must be nice for her to be so ignorant, she's numb.

Starfish said...

I never understand people. If they ask you if you have any experience on the topic and you say "yes" that should be a signal that they need to stop talking on matters they know nothing about.


The Town Criers said...

Seriously, I'm not sure how you got through a conversation that long. I think after the embryos falling out comment I would have started floating away :-) Involuntarily. Just floated away on her breezy thoughts :-)

SaraS-P said...

Like, ohmygawsh... all this time I must've have had fertilized eggs falling out! I should learn to walk on my hands to keeps them from falling out!

Priceless horrible conversation.

Karen said...

Gah! You were more graceful than I would have been!