Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Clearly, I have issues

We met Boo's Pre-K teacher on new student orientation night. Then I wasn't sure but to at Unpack your Backpack....it's obvious she's pregnant.

For some reason this really upsets me. I think it's because he's going to bond with this woman, he's going to hear about her having a baby, he's going to see her stomach grow. There will be questions for me. I know there will, one of them being "are you going to have a baby Mom?" He's never been around someone day in, day out who is pregnant. He's seen pregnant women but never someone that he's had a real close relationship with.

I have issues clearly as I am dreading this. I really am.

I'm a horrible mom huh? I don't want him around someone who is pregnant because I can't be.
I'm terribly jealous that he will experience this with her and not with me.

As I said, I have issues.


LJ said...

If those are issues, then I've got issues along with you my dear.

Pegs said...

Hello, I came across your blog a few weeks ago and finally had a chance to get caught up on it today. I love your honesty and thank you for expressing them. I don't feel so alone because of it. We are at the beginning of our "journey". Its been a year and a half, starting our 3rd cycle with clomid in October. Prayers for you and your family, you deserve all that is good.

KeanaLee said...

My heart goes out to you, I had 2 beautiful children at a young age. 13 years after my first son was born I finally gave birth to a second son (11 year old daughter in between the boys) I thought I would have no problem getting pregnant but wound up struggling. Finally after tests & clomid & more tests I had Jack. Don't give up. It will happen. In fact I bought a puppy to take away the loneliness & got pregnant 3 weeks later. Good luck.