Thursday, October 9, 2008

When we left our heroine

She was busy with birthdays.

Since then, lots has happened, so here's a quick recap...

AF showed last friday (boo!)

I went for my U/S to check follicles. I needed 12, I had EXACTLY 12! (yes!)

I've gotten notes home from school about Boo. Let me count them....btwn notes, emails and phone calls, that makes 7 in the last 3 weeks. One good, the rest not so much.

He doesn't like to draw, color or cut. He is now refusing to do so. So they are sending his work to the after school program he attends. He tells me he doesnt' know why he doesn't do them, but if pushed he says it's too hard.

It came to a head last night. I mean for Goodness Sake, he's FOUR! He just turned four, and they are punishing him for not COLORING! SIGH....

I talked with his teacher on the phone today. While I don't agree with her emphasis on this, as he's following all other directions, I am going to give it a bit more time. She's going to give immediate feedback for success. (he earned a prize for writing in his notebook today) I insisted he get an OT referral.

He has 4 days off, so that will be a nice break.

I have more to write on this....but I need to gather my thoughts first. Right now though, I'm going to relish the fact that we are going to Chicago this weekend as a family!


DD said...

What are we going to do with these boys??

Oh, wait, I know. Love them and hug them and know that someday all this stuff will be memories to share at their weddings, or when they have their own 4 year old struggling in school.

Waiting Amy said...

Good job getting the OT consult. My 5-year-old is now in K and having some fine motor issues. When he was 4, he too didn't show much interest in cutting/coloring/etc. I wrote it off to boyishness. I wish I'd worked with him more. Now his school doesn't offer OT as a stand-alone service and I'm stuck trying to find time to help him. Wishing you luck getting over this hurdle -- I'm sure you will!