Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow removal for hire...anyone interested?

In order to keep from thinking about the email I had to send to our clinic postponing our cycle until further notice....

Anyone need help shoveling??

I love this kid!
I was going to fire up the snow blower when I got home. I didn't get it started, but Boo was having so much fun in the snow that I pulled out the snow shovel. He wanted one, so I handed him on. He actually shoveled about 1/8 of the driveway!!


DD said...

I suppose shipping him in a container to shovel our driveway would be out of the question?

Why the postponement?

littleangelkisses said...

LOL, he and Xboy could have one heck of a snowball fight I think!

We are postponing due to $$ issues...blah. We are hoping that spring will bring us a bit more $$ to budget in.

christina said...

those are the most adorable pictures ever.

wish we were getting snow like that in Indiana!