Thursday, December 28, 2006

That was fast

My OB made us wait. I knew in August that this was taking too long, but he said to wait until January, until a year. Even though I'm 35 (turned in Sept). Even though I'd been charting for a while, knew we were timing right and that I have potential problems, he said wait.

Then suddenly, I call, change my appointment to yesterday and here we go.

I'm officially on the IF bandwagon.

Today we dropped of a sample for semen analysis. I'm sure there is someone out there who can relate to the wierdness of getting a sample to a lab within 30 minutes. It's just...disconcerting..

Tomorrow I have my HSG. I have heard lots of stories of it being no big deal and lots of stories of "oh my GOD the pain" I have NO idea what to expect.

But here we go...this seems fast, it's not, but it seems like it!

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three minute palaver said...

LInda, I just found your blog through DD's and I've bookmarked you and will keep on reading your story. I've also been struggling with secondary infertility, so I get alot of what you're saying.