Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Well, it finally happened. In the past, when people offer advice, I would tell myself " we haven't been trying THAT long, it's okay that they said that." But yesterday got me.

I went in to tell my assosciate principal that I was changing my mind about going to the MMGW conference in New Orleans. My principal came to me Monday afternoon and said he needed to purchase the plane tickets right away and he needed a final answer. Mr and I talked about it and if these next two IUIs don't work, we'll be moving on to IVF this summer, most likely in July. I had to decline.

I told my assoc. principal why I decided not to go. Of course, in the next three minutes I heard the following statements from her:

  • You aren't getting pregnant BECAUSE you are trying.
  • You need to relax about it.
  • I know a woman who tried for like TEN YEARS to get pregnant, spent all of her money of IVF and finally had a little girl. Now she's due with an OOPS, be careful what you wish for.
  • Have a glass of wine, that will do it.

Here is what I would like to have said:

  • Yeah, you are right. I'll just stop trying and that will work.
  • Will you pay for weekly massages? I think that might help me relax.
  • Thanks, thanks...those stories never fail to make my life so much better.
  • Wine? Yeah, wine will make everything all right (I sort of agree with this one, but hell, I've had enough wine in the last year to ensure triplets and zip, nada, nothing!)

Now, as I've said...up until now I've been able to glance over these things. I've told myself "hey, no big deal." But this hurt. I think because she just had a gorgeous little girl a year ago (her second.) She only wanted one until I brought Boo in to school one day and she held him. After that, she would tell me that holding him made her want a second. She now has that second one. I don't.

In other news:

Mr's SA is back and his count (drumroll please.....)

165 million!!!!

up from 8

He says he was "inspired"



DD said...

So if I stop trying, I'll get pregnant? I would have loved for her to explain the technicalities of that to me.

Maybe that's what happened to Mary Magdeline?

Adrienne said...

Sheesh, I should have triplets by now with all the wine I've been drinking!

And that's great news on the SA.

Venusuvian Debs said...

Whoa, do these people listen to themselves?? I like the idea of a card - can't remember where I read about it. You hand the person (who is blissfully ignorant) a card with a link which documents what not to say to an infertile.

Paper Whore said...

Why are people such asshats? Seriously. My boss pulled a similarly stupid and hurtful stunt recently.

On a side note: I just popped over from Stirrup Queens and I don't know your whole story, but why does your doc want to go straight from Clomid/IUI to IVF?