Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Grant's Gang needs your support for Walk America

Many of you know that Grant was born at 31 weeks gestation.
He was 4lbs 2oz.
He was air lifted to University of Iowa Hospitals at 24 hours old where he recieved blood tranfusions, surfactant for his lungs and was monitored for RDS (respiriatory distress syndrome.)
After 4 weeks, Grant was brought back to the Genesis Hospitals here. He spent a total of 42 days in the hospital.

He is now a happy, healthy, precious little man who knows too much and keeps us both running, laughing and counting our blessings.

This is our third year participating in Walk America. The first year, we raised almost $500. Last year we raised $600. This year we are shooting for $1000!

I firmly believe that the March of Dimes is an amazing organization. They funded two major advancements in the care of preemies the Grant directly benefitted from, steriod injections in utero to help strengthen his lungs and surfactant given after birth to help him breathe. Without the March of Dimes and the work they do, this incredible little boy may not be here to make us laugh.

Please help us in our quest to raise money for this worthy cause. You may donate at our WalkAmerica Page .
Thank you for your support!


DD said...

How wonderful to know some of the more "personal" stories of the March of Dimes.

I actually didn't know that Grant was premature. He certainly is amazing.

The Town Criers said...

We're walking that day too :-)

Adrienne said...

I had no idea your little guy was a preemie. Glad to help you on your walk.