Monday, May 7, 2007


**I might be venting my frustration here, watch that you don't get any on you!**

I got a message on the machine from the RE today. I had progesterone drawn saturday. The message said "Linda, we got your progesterone levels back and they look pretty low"

Low? Could you specify HOW low? Must I guess?

"So you should call us with a positive urine test or the first day of your period."

This is the STANDARD answer you ALWAYS leave...if it's "pretty low" the there won't BE a positive urine test now will there!?!?


I'm calling tomorrow for details and demanding day 3 bloodwork. They told me I didn't need it last month even though I've NEVER had it done.

AHH...see, the safety ropes would come in handy right about now!

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Adrienne said...

How about calling in a scrip for prometrium???!!! Sheesh. Why is it that we know more than they do? Let us know what they say when you call tomorrow.