Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rumble Rumble Crash

As Boo would say when we read one of his favorite books "Rumble Rumble Crash Crash"

AF showed this morning in full force.

I talked with the nurse today. She said that my progesterone 7dpiui was 2.4. Now I know that clear as day there were DARK lines on that OPK. I was told not to start using the OPK's until day 12 and that's when I saw the dark lines....dark on one side, light on the next...but there nonetheless.

Anyway...I insisted on day 3 blood work and we have an appointment on monday to see the RE. No idea what we'll do next...want to take a guess?

  1. Another cycle of Clomid/IUI
  2. A monitored cycle of Clomid/IUI
  3. Move on to IVF
  4. Some other option (elaborate please)


Adrienne said...

Crap. I'm sorry, honey.

As for assvice, here's mine: In your shoes I'd go for door #2. Monitoring seems to be called for, and it will certainly make you feel better about it all. Pulling the trigger on IVF seems a bit premature just yet.

Paper Whore said...

I vote for #2, too. You might also bring up adding a low dose of injectibles to the party too. That's what I'm getting ready to do next.