Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let's catch up, shall we?

I really need to work on updating things sooner. I just get so caught up in the everyday things that I don't get time. Please forgive me.

When we last met, I had talked with the nurse at the RE's office about this cycle. We decided upon the Clo.mid Challenge. She told me to make an appointment for "next week" to talk to the doctor. She transfered me to the front desk, who scheduled me for monday of the next week. (April 14th)

I went to pick up the meds and they called them to the wrong pharmacy.

We went to the appoinment but were pretty disappointed. I had to take a whole day off because the appt was at 11. I wouldn't make it back before noon. We saw the doctor for all of 15 minutes. He hadn't looked at my chart before coming in. When he did, he basically said "well, since it's only day 7, we know nothing. We have to wait until your day 10 blood work comes back. Since we don't have baseline info, we won't do a monitored cycle. After this month, we'll have to talk about IVF. Have you thought about it?"

GRRRR.....So I wasted a sick day for THIS? You can tell me nothing? ARG! If the nurse had told me not to schedule the appoinment until after day 10, I would have!

Then, on to day 10. I stop into the lab. They have no work order for the blood test. I told her what it was for, so she was at least going to have them draw the blood. My blood draw was horrible today! WHY OH WHY do they give me the trainees? This is the second time I got one in a week! I have bad viens, they roll and are very deep even though they seem like they are on the surface. I TOLD her that and she had the needle IN MY ARM for 5 minutes trying to find the vein! She called the trainer in and he just kept digging! ARGH! They finally switched arm and the trainer LEFT the room again! She got the vein finally but lost suction and had to call him back in.
Nothing like a little pain first thing in the morning huh?
I call the RE to tell them that they didn't call in the order. She said she'd check on it.

I called yesterday to check on my levels from thursday. The nurse told me that my FSH was fine, I had the numbers written down but I think they were 7.5 and 9.2. Then she told met to call around the time of a positive OPK and she'd tell me when to go get my progesterone tested. UMMM....we are doing IUI #4, not just waiting lady! I swear, I'm starting to get frustrated here!

Today the OPK was positive. So it's one last try for us. I don't really want to think about moving on to IVF. We've decided that we will, but it's still monumentally scary!

And that's all there is folks!

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Adrienne said...

Ack! Could they be any less helpful? Your FSH numbers sound good - did they say what your Estradiol was on Day 3 and Day 10?