Saturday, September 8, 2007

A beautiful saturday for a bruise....

We loaded up and headed to Iowa City for a blood draw today. We finally got there amid the football traffic.

I didn't get a good nurse. Since I had to go to the ER, I took what I could get, but MAN! One stick in my right hand, hurt like blood drawn, a bruise by the time I left. One stick in the crook of my left arm. She dug around for a bit and then pulled the needle out...bruise there too. THREE sticks in my left wrist with the thingie they use to start an IV with. THREE! Finally she got blood which then dripped on my hand and onto my new purse! Lovely huh?

We hit the mall in Coralville, hung out and had lunch. Then we shopped at our favorite food co-op and headed home.

I called the info line for results when I got home. Estradiol is only 31! NOT GOOD! They are increasing my Gonal.F to 375 tonight and tomorrow and I go back for more blood work on Monday.

This is the first time I've actually truly thought about this not working. My positive attitude took a severe hit this afternoon. I have to find a way to get it back...I'll work on that. The spotting from the low estrogen isn't helping much though.

Keep your fingers crossed for me will you? We've pushed pretty hard to get this far this soon and I don't have any idea what will happen if I don't respond well and they have to cancel. It might mean we are out of the study completely. I don't really want to think of that at all.

Therefore, tonight will be spent watching men bloody themselves on television with appropriate.

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LJ said...

Ugh, what a pain.

At least there is football...