Monday, September 10, 2007

Up a bit **but not enough** updated

E2 level: 93
Sticks on the arm: ONE YES>>One glorious stick and he drew blood! YIPEE

I will increase Gonal.F to 450 tonight and tomorrow. The thing is that I only have 450 left total! I talked with Michelle today and she'll get more for me...but that means another 2 hour trip to get it. I should have called her before huh?

Oh well, I'm going with being optomistic that the rising number is a sign of good things.


If my E2 level isn't 500 by Wednesday I'm out of the study.

I am taking deep calming breaths and hoping for the best. 450 is the highest dose of Gonal F they can give me. Let's hope this works!

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