Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This sucks

Found out today that as of November 1st, we will no longer have any infertility coverage.

Nice of them to give us advance warning huh?

There is just no way that we can afford IVF out of pocket. Not now and probably not in the near future at all.

NO PRESSURE for the trial to work now huh?

It bites because we'd surely have gone a different route if we knew that we'd no longer have coverage. We chose to do the trial based a lot on the fact that we had coverage to do regular IVF afterwards.

We knew that the projected success rates for the trial are less than if we went the conventional IVF route, but based on the fact that we had insurance to fall back on, we decided to go with the trial first.

If we had any inkling that our insurance would be changing we'd have done IVF already. We decided to do the trial and wait on regular IVF because we knew we'd be able to afford one IVF cycle with insurance.

Now we can't as we don't have insurance.

We are even preapproved for IVF as of September 12th. When we were almost dismissed fromt he trial we had the option of converting to conventional IVF. We chose to stick with the trial instead. I'm regretting that decision big time now.

Mr is talking to them today to see if the preapproval still stands, but my bet is that it will be invalid as of the first. We are literally stuck. We couldn't even start an IVF cycle now. 10 days ago, maybe we could have done it, but not now.

I'm frustrated and mad. I'm mad at them but I'm mad at myself too. I made decisions that were wrong. Plain and simple, I CHOSE WRONG, I chose to go with the lower emotional risk of the trial first. I mean if it's experimental and doesn't work then it's not as devestating as doing an IVF cycle and it not working. Wrong choice...

Now it's all I have

This just sucks


DD said...

That does truly suck. Is there any way to find out why the change? Is it possible to go with a different level of coverage that does allow IVF?

Oh, man, that really puts you in a bind, doesn't it. I'm sorry.

LJ said...

Can you at least order your meds in advance? Some docs will do that for you...

That sucks though. We have had to pay out of pocket and it's not fun

SaraS-P said...

That really does suck. OMG, I am so sorry.