Monday, November 12, 2007

Mixed Emotions

I went for my ultrasound/bloodwork for the FET today. My lining ranges from 7.9 to 9.8 so that's good and it has the right shape they were looking for but there are "some irregularities"

No one really knows what that meant. I am to up my Estrace and come back on Thurs for another check.

We also met with the embryologist today. She admitted to being a "glass half empty" person. Even so, it's a bit disconcerting to hear "potential transfer" and "if any of the eggs fertilize" KWIM?

We signed papers to transfer 2 embryos. We could elect to tranfer up to three. After talking with the embryologist, she thinks two is a better option. We have the opportunity to grow any others that fertilize to blasts, although she is doubtful any will make it that far as "you have only 6 eggs frozen, three were mature at retrieval and three that matured before we froze them" She feels that the three that were mature are our best bet and is doubtful that the others will fertilized. I don't know how to feel...I mean I understand the risks of transfering 3 and ending up losing a triplet pregnancy BUT if this is our only shot, I feel like I should try to put 3 in (if we have 3) KWIM?

I'm officially freaked out now...

Jeff goes in Friday to drop off "the swimmers" They will thaw the eggs friday. Assuming they survive the thaw, we'll be able to call saturday and get the fertilization report. Assuming any fertilize the transfer will be Monday. (hear all that "assuming???)

We also learned how to do the PIO injections (umm OUCH OUCH)

We talked with the financial lady as well. She didn't have good news on fighting the insurance company over our preapproval. She said that she's had several couples fight the same fight and only once was the decision reversed.

All in all, I could use some "happy thoughts" and I'd like to call upon the prayer warriors if possible!


LJ said...

Happy thoughts and prayers are all being sent your way!!!

nancy said...

I, for one, is also sending you some happy happy thoughts! Good luck!