Friday, November 16, 2007

Postponed (or A Weight Off my Shoulders)

This cycle was cancelled yesterday after my ultrasound. My lining was between 6 and 7 mm. For the study it needed to be 8mm. The monday ultrasound was measured incorrectly. I am cancelled until January.

At first it was a shock but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the feeling I had was RELIEF. I wasn't in a positive frame of mind. I had bad vibes. I couldn't be positive even thought I was trying (really really trying)!

I found myself smiling as I was driving home from Iowa City. It's been a while since I just found myself smiling. Not that I'm a grump all the time, but I was just driving along, zoning out to whatever was on the XM and realized I had a smile on my face for no particular reason!

I feel happy and at peace with this change. There are lots of reasons but I won't go into them. I'm happy that we are waiting. January is a new year with new possibilities.

I'm happy

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DD said...

Your senses must have just known that this wasn't the right time. I'm glad you are feeling relief. Personally, trying to get through the holidays and do a cycle? Blech!

I do agree about your prior post, though, and once you're ready to go again to transfer the three.