Monday, February 4, 2008

The good news...AF showed exactly when she should.

The bad news...the research coordinator misread the new protocol and cannot add the extra week of estrogen to the protocol. This wasn't that big a deal until she got an email on Friday that said "the thaw kits expire on the 15th and the new ones won't be available from the company until the 26th" !!! The adjustment to my calendar schedules the thaw for the 16th. Not good timing obviously.

I'm waiting on a call back from her to see where we go from here.

Cross your fingers? Hope that we aren't put on hold again.

I was really looking forward to the transfer being on 29th, I mean Leap Day how cool would that have been?

I just got an email from the coordinator. They got an extension on the kits as the future kits will all be good for 6 months. So...
new transfer date is Feb 21st!

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SaraS-P said...

Woo hoo! Good luck!!!