Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let me tell you about my friends

I arrived home last night to a box for me. It was filled with amazing gifts.

There is a 100.00 gift certificate from John Taylor Day Spa, gift cards to Starbucks and Aeropostale, Chocolate (the new Bliss...amazing!), two skeins of beautiful yarn, two pattern books and a set of Knitpicks Options Harmony Wood Interchangable needles all in an adorable spring basket.In addition, there was a donation made in our name to the March of Dimes, something very important to us.

Who is this amazing gift from? It's from "my ladies"...a message board I've been a part of for several years now. This is the same board where Carrie found her egg angel. I've met some of them in person, but others I haven't.

They are incredible women. I am overwhelmed by their generosity. They have been an incredible support for me, they listen to me fret, whine and cry...but this overwhelmed me.

The world is a good place!


Soupy said...

More hugs and more tears just reading about this again! (hugs and kisses! ENJOY!)

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you Linda!
You are and have always been close to my heart!!!

Lots of love and big hugs to Boo,


(And Allie, Andrew, & Ryan)

The Town Criers said...

That is so incredible. I feel like this message board group needs to be featured on Oprah. I've always told Carrie that.

beautycourage said...

Hi, Thanks for your comment on my blog. This is my first time here, and your friends sound amazing. Today I found a box of chocolates from a friend, as well. Those "little" things start to chase the blues away, don't they? -Dot

Starfish said...

spa, chocolate and yarn? seriously, can I have some of your friends??