Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today's the day

I woke up early at 5 am in order to get up and going. I needed to leave my house by 5:50 or so in order to drive to Iowa City, get blood drawn and get to school on time. It was dark when I left my house. There were no coffee shops open near my house, so I didn't get any tea but I managed.

The drive there was filled with emotions. I went from being scared to death to imagining how I would react in the event of various outcomes. There was fear, trembling and tears. (I should not be allowed to browse through all 200+ XM channels on a day like this...when Green Day's Good Riddance "I hope you have the time of your life" came on TWICE...I couldn't help but cry." I managed to pull it together by the time I got there and was calm and at peace, as much as I could be, when I got there. The nurse handed me a package from Michelle with my extra needles and a nice note on it. It makes me feel good to know that she is truly rooting for us too.

I had to wait for the blood draw station to open, but the draw itself was quick and painless, thank goodness.

On the drive home, I listened to Moulin Rouge, I do love that music and it helped to crank it and just drive. The sun was bright, I went out of the way to get my tea and all was well.

Now the wait. There are a lot of people waiting with me to hear. I have an amazing support group of women online both in blogs and at a very special message board that have given me strength and encouragement. They are amazing, all of them.

I assume I'll hear by late afternoon. I'll text Mr and then may post an update if I get a chance. I also have to study for a midterm tonight that I have a sinking feeling about. (Mrs. Masterprocrastinator that I am)

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DD said...

Late afternoon??!

What kind of torture is that??

(because it's all about me, right...)