Wednesday, April 9, 2008


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I got a forwarded email from an old friend.

It's a long story, but this is someone that I used to be close to. She was a personal attendant in my wedding. We met through a mutual friend, someone I considered my best friend at the time. When the mutual friend and I "broke up," she took frenemy's side. I don't really blame her as she's know frenemy's husband for years. It hurts to be ignored by others, but there came a time when I decided it wasn't worth anxiety on my part. It has become a situation where if spoken too, I'll talk to them but since they don't speak to's not a big deal.

Anyway...this forwarded email was letting people know that her 3 month old son has a rare disease and will undergo chemotherapy. It listed blogs/carepages. I was shocked and saddened. I plan to send a "thinking of you card" and a gift certificate for a restaurant. I know firsthand how hard it is when a loved one is in the hospital. The last thing you think of is food and preparing it. They also have a 3yr old daughter at I figured this would be a nice gesture.

This doesn't mean I want to renew the friendship. There's been too much time and this isn't the time for that even if I wanted to. I still think a card and small gesture is the right thing to do.

As I clicked and read the carepage and blog, I felt like I was spying. I shouldn't, should I? I mean these are PUBLIC blogs. I forget that sometimes, but they are. The blog is linked directly to frenemy's blog...she's in charge of it. So of course I went there too. I almost feel like I'm reading things I shouldn't or doing something wrong.

So let me ask you...would you want a distant friend to discover your blog? Would it matter to you or would you be okay with it? I wonder what they would think were they to read mine. Do they know what I've been up to/dealing with? Would it even make a difference? Or do they just think I'm spying?

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DD said...

If she enclosed a link, I would think she would want you to visit, even if you aren't close anymore just to let her know you heard the news and to thank her for forwarding the info.

If you thought at any one time you would blog about that person (as you just did) but never wanted him/her to see it, then no, it's not necessary to reciprocate.

A co-worker here has Hodkins. She took an extended leave and before she did and went to her office to wish her luck. She told me about her blog and I did check in on her occassionally during her acute treatments. I commented even once, but did not link to my blog.