Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wouldn't this be a good solution?

Several bloggers have posted about the Duggar Family expecting number 18....

I tend to side with "aren't they just showing off now?" It's frustrating that they are able to get pregnant so easily. I won't comment on the fact that they are going to have EIGHTEEN children to look after...there are lots of strong opinons on that. I just wish it were easier for women who WANT to have children to have them.

Then today on my message board, it was posted that Angelina confirms she's having twins.


It's sort of like the saying "the rich getting richer."

But in our discussion, one woman posted this

I think about this all the time.... I wish i could give you my uterus.. God knows I'm done with it... too bad there wasn't a way we could pass them around when we're done!!! I would SOO do that!!

Isn't that an interesting idea? I'd give mine (if it were working properly) to another woman in my situation in a heartbeat.


Kim said...

I love that idea - it would really be the true sense of paying it forward! I would give mine away - my eggs might not be great but my uterus was perfect!

Dr. Grumbles said...

We should totally be able to regift them!