Thursday, June 12, 2008

UGH I suck!

It's been an incredibly busy week....the end of school, trainings, entertaining a large group.

AND the blocked blogger from school last week! Can you imagine!!

Anyway, tomorrow and saturday are my days to get caught up with NaComLeavMo. I suck right now, so my apologies.

I promise a new post and LOTS of comments in the next few days.


DC said...

Hope you're having a great weekend. Looking forward to an update. :)

smartypants said...

i'm sucking hard at this too...I've given up on the daily numbers and hope to just visit each blog on the list once before the end of the this point I'm super far behind...good luck (NCLM)

C said...

Keeping up with NaComLeavMo takes more time than my 20-hour a week job. :) I hope things have settled down for you this week!

Via NaComLeavMo.