Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chugging on

We've been preapproved for our loan that we'll use for our IVF. It amazes me that we are borrowing this amount of money in order to get pregnant. But a friend told me "You pay more than that for a car, and that' s just a CAR."

That's a good point! A car is nothing in comparison.

There's been stress at school....what's new? While I've decided not to be walked all over, I'm also not going to push something just to make a point. It's not worth it in the long run. My principal backs me and that's all that matters. If the secretary doesn't like me, that's her problem. I'm not going to make it much of mine.

Boo is doing well at school for now. I emailed his teacher yesterday and she reports that he's making progress. He's making an effort in his journal. (Let's not go into what I think about requiring a FOUR YEAR OLD to journal!)

So I'm chugging on. Hopefully I'll have updates on my cycle soon.

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