Saturday, January 20, 2007

Moving on up....

AF showed friday, I knew she would. I stupidly wasted a HPT early that morning.

In our quandry over what to do, I asked Mr to call a friend of his and ask about thier experiences and who they saw. I'd have done it myself, but said friend's wife to say this...well, let's just say that I've never seen her in a good mood in the 5 years Mr and I have been together. I like her DH well enough and he's been a friend of Mr's since high school. L and I though, never been close. She's about to give birth and is easily irritated, as witnessed at her baby shower a few weeks ago.

Anyway...I asked Mr to call them. I know that they went though at least one IUI, an early M/C from that IUI and then months later got pg on a non-medicated cycle. Mr said he'd call, but he had to come up with a scenario first. (???!!!) MEN! You should have heard the lame story.

"Uh, I was wondering who you saw at the group. Linda's OB might be leaving town. (as that happens SO often) Did you guys go to a specialist there? I only ask because ya know, we are the same age as you guys and we might want to eventually see someone who is an expert IF we need one, uhh...ya know"

Brilliant dear, he'll NEVER figure that one out!

In the conversation, he got the name of the RE that (and I quote) "didn't help us a damn since we got pregnant without meds that month" (ahhh...they are such pleasant people huh?)

I called the RE friday, talked to the woman who answered the phone. I told her my situation and she said "oh honey, you need to come in!" I now have my first appointment with an RE!

Monday February 12th, 10 am

I have to get my records sent from my OB. Am I being disloyal? Should I have stayed with Dr K longer? Is it okay to do this? AHHHHHHH

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DD said...

You'll be able to make it up to your OB AFTER you obtain sucess with the RE.