Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sleeping naked can help you get pregnant??

I started 50mg Clomid yesterday. I decided to Google and find out a little more about it. There's lots of interesting things out there.

Like this

Scroll down....read it carefully...the section about Hot Flashes.

YES...yes it DOES say:

Hot Flashes
Hot flashes are annoying, but also a part of the hormone game. You may experience them at any time during therapy but many women find they strike often at night. Cool showers, fans and sleeping in the nude (also good for getting pregnant) can all help you maintain a sense of calm during this period.

Well hell, if I knew THAT's all it took, I'd have taken my clothes off at night a LONG time ago!


Adrienne said...

That's IT? That's all I have to do to get pg again????? Damn, then what the hell am I paying an RE for? ;-)

DD said...

I was getting ready to dish out some crap about the author but I see she's an IVF survivor. A rather lame attempt at humor is her apparent crime.

The Town Criers said...

Shit. Okay, I'm going to stop kicking myself for wearing clothes to bed and start thinking of this as the first day of the rest of my life: I will be nude. All day. All night. From now on :-)

Aurelia said...

Ahhh, lame humour, my favourite...I wonder if it works if you are sleeping nude alone, like when hubs is on a trip? Hmmm...

decemberbaby said...

How ironic... I used to sleep nude, until we started ART and the progesterone suppositories threatened to ruin my sheets... does sleeping in underwear count?