Thursday, February 15, 2007

A (small) wrench in the plans....

Mr dropped off a sample for SA yesterday.

What a lovely Valentine's gift for him to give!

"Here you go honey, for Valentine's day, I'd like you to watch some dirty movies, whack off and then rush it to the lab while making sure it stays warm even though it's below zero outside on your lunch hour. Can you do that for me?"

Yes, yes, Mr does in fact love me deeply. If that isn't proof enough, I don't know what is.

Today our nurse Wendy called us about the SA.

Mr's critical morphology is 6!
His overall count is only 8.

We are still going to go ahead with The Plan though. Since Mr has been sick several times this winter, she thinks that his fever may have caused the low counts. Hopefully this won't screw things up too much.

So, a wrench, but a small one (at least I think it's small, I hope it's small. Please, let it be small!)

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Adrienne said...

It's a small wrench, I'm sure - small, small, small (I'm from the school of thinking will make it so!).

Good luck with the Plan!