Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"We've had a little snafu"

So began the voicemail I recieved about an hour ago.

It was the research coordinator from the OCP study (Oocyte Cryopreservation). She was told that I not only had to have consent signed by my 36th birthday but I also had to be doing fertility injections by then. Now, I turn 36 on September 19th. I will have to have all blood work done and BCP's finished and (I think) Lupron and be actually STIMMING by then. EEK!

The good news is that I have the best person on the job! I think I may name my child after her! She's plotted out all the dates and since AF should show August 1st or 2nd, we might be okay. I may have to drive up there to do CD3 blood work but I'm okay with that. She'll even come in on her vacation if needed to get consent signed early and blood drawn. (have I told you how great she is?)

This means we are full speed ahead. If you have any good vibes to send, please hope that I have AF around the 2nd so that I can combine appointments and hit the schedule right on.

I was freaked by the message, but she is awesome and had already done so much crisis management by the time I talked to her that we had a solution!


Adrienne said...

Your research coordinator rocks. She'll come in during her vacation??!!! You seriously must consider naming any resulting child after her. It's the least you could do. Wow, in this day and age when people do the least they can get away with in their jobs, she goes above and beyond.

LJ said...

Truly, you are being watched over by the most amazing woman ever. She needs cookies and flowers. And a raise.