Thursday, August 2, 2007

and all I can think is "what should I wear?"

Our appointment at U of I is monday.
AF needs to show in the next day or so. If she's not here by monday we may not be able to participate. YES, we are THAT close to not making it. I turn 36 September 19th. I have to have done the suppression and be TAKING the fertility injections by then. Do the math, it's close....very very close.

In order to keep myself busy I've been chasing Boo around all week, running errands to get ready to go back to school, got a massage, and have been trying to decide what to wear to the appointment.

I have this thing. I need to know what to wear that is appropriate for different occasions. For this appointment, I need an outfit that doesn't make me appear completely desperate. It needs to make me look like I have all my wits about me. I should took put together and somewhat hip, right? I'm disappointed that I can't get in to get my haircut by monday.

Now I know this makes me appear completely nuts, but when I was little I NEVER have the right clothes. I was alway out of place. My family was not wealthy. I wore garage sale clothes a lot. I never had the right jeans. (In the early 80's, you needed the correct pattern of Zena jeans to be cool)

I never felt comfortable. Now I plan these things out ahead of time. I go over outfits in my head.

I'm also still pretty cheap. I don't pay full price for much. I love to bargain shop, the sale racks at Target and Macys....LOVE them.

So what do I wear to possibly the most important appointment of my life? I should just wear my favorite jeans and a cute shirt, right? I should try for comfort?

Suggestions please?
Distract me from the fact that AF isn't here yet!


Drowned Girl said...

Not sure about matters sartorial.. but acupuncture can bring on AF! Has worked for me before.

The Town Criers said...

I hope (as I swing by with this strong drink that is long overdue) that you are firmly ensconced in your period today. Or at least by tomorrow. And at the latest Monday morning. I can't believe I'm wishing a period on someone :-) But I am. And the little wish stone has sometimes had good luck when I've held it so I'm running upstairs in a moment to wish bloody thoughts for you.

That said, I think you should go for physical comfort but on the side of pulled together. Like sweat pants are comfortable, but probably not the best look. Therefore, I'd go for neutral pants (khakis?) and a fun top. Blue. It's calming. Or orange is my confidence colour because it's my favourite colour. It makes me feel good to wear orange. What about music? Making a CD to listen to on your way to the appointment that is full of confidence-building music?

LJ said...

Ok, clothes.

I say some khakis - any pants that J.Crew sells, and then a nice soft top. A cardigan set suits most casual occasions for looking pulled together.