Friday, September 28, 2007

I am so jaded

That I can't even hop on the "a line is a line" bus anymore. I have a friend who is seeing faint faint lines at 13dpo. Everyone is telling her she's pregnant and I can't.

It's not fair to her to do just makes it worse if the line never gets darker.

But she doesn't know, no one does, that I've been there and didn't post those pictures. I didn't, for reasons I can't quite express without sounding to someone who hasn't been there like a huge huge bitch.

I think the elephant is in the room, but I can't talk about it quite yet.


Torri said...

hey there-
thanks for the comment on my blog and telling me what condition it was that i had. After looking it up i am now even MORE thankful on how things worked out and that Jack is OK. I assume since yours was found that you had an elective c/s. Im scared to death about nuero issues down the line. I will def try to find that yahoo group...since im having a hard time dealing with all this.
thanks again

nancy said...

That sucks. It sucks that a line isn't a line to you anymore. Although I still think a line does equal "a little pregnant", a line just doesn't equal a baby.

I'm sorry. ~hugs~

SaraS-P said...

I have been that cautious receiver of "good" news. It is hard to congratulate somone when you know how meaningless a second line can really be.