Saturday, September 15, 2007

Important Dates!

Wednesday is my THIRTY SIXTH birthday. With all this rush to get into the study, this is by far going to be a harder birthday than 35. Since May, I've been racing to beat this milestone. I think it's been hard for me to even anticipate my birthday because I've been trying to make sure I make the age cut off.

Funny, when we are anticipating 21 we want to get there so quickly. Now, if I could just stay in that 21-35 age limit a little longer...they don't tell you how quickly these "fertile years" are going to go and that we shouldn't waste them. That is the point of the study though, to provide women the option of freezing eggs and fertilizing them at a later date successfully. In that respect, I'm proud to be doing this.

Egg retrieval is set for Tuesday! I had 7 follicles over 16mm today. The study says that I could trigger tonight and do retrieval Monday but the clinic likes to wait a bit longer. So Tuesday it is!

There is a chance that since I'm the *first* to go through this that the head of the entire study will fly in for the retrieval. Miami is on our heels and for some odd reason, I really would feel special to be the first.

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Melanie said...

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