Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My eggies are in the freezer

Retrieval was this morning. They took out 12 eggs. Of those, 9 made it to the petri dish to grow. Of those, six made it to the freezer. I'm tired but doing well.

Sleep well eggies, you have until November to rest. We'll cycle then and treat it as a FET. I thought we'd do that in October but our clinic isn't in UP time then, so November it is.

I bought MORE cake today *insert embarassed face* I seem to have a cake buying problem lately. I bought Boo 2 cakes and cupcakes. Today we stopped at my new favorite cake bakery and I got a piece of carrot cake (not eaten yet) and I picked out a black and white cake for my birthday tomorrow.....mmmmm


DD said...

I read this last night and book marked it. I had to refresh my memory as to why no fresh transfer...and then while reading Mel's post, I remembered: the study!


That truly is wonderful news. In this case one can really say that a half a dozen of one is very different than six of another.

singletracey said...

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

The Town Criers said...

Yay for a good retrieval. And many good wishes for November's transfer.

But most of all--Happy Birthday to you!

Waiting Amy said...

Happy Birthday!

Glad things went well. I maybe missed something -- are you doing fert in Nov as part of the study? Just curious.

Hoping the winter is your season!

Chili said...

Glad retrieval went well! Hope you have a great birthday!

nancy said...

Just stopping by to see how you are doing!