Friday, February 29, 2008


Ahh...I'm distracted apparently!

N: Mrs. Smithson, you look different today
Various other kids chime in: Yeah, you do!
Me: Different how?
N: I don't know
Me: well, different bad or good?
N: Good I think...
Me: Well, I didn't put a clip in my hair today
N: No, that's not it. Did you get new glasses?
Me: No....OHHHH...(as I feel my face) Umm..sorry kids, I forgot to put makeup on today.
Kids: OHHHH...THAT'S why you look so young.

Miss Debbie told me that Grant gave her a sticker yesterday...LOL! Apparently he watched her do a chore and thought she did well.

So he was telling Daddy about it last night:

J: Grant, what did Miss Debbie do today?
G: Oh, she did a good job dad!
J: What did she do?
G: She took the bulb and screwed it really good!

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